A clarification of my thoughts on retirement and the deficit

Advisor One reported on a speech that I made about retirement. For the most part they understand my positions, but I want to clarify some of what they reported.

Speaking in Boston on Monday evening at the 4th annual Retirement Income Symposium, Pozen first said that it’s “pathetic on how little we’ve agreed on to deal with our debt.” Charging that “We’ve only agreed on $1 trillion; we should be aiming for $5 trillion,” he then laid out a proposal to “to keep our GDP to debt ratio as it is over the next 10 years.” Continue reading

New York Times book review of The Fund Industry

Demystifying the Fund Industry

Paul B. Brown reviews the latest book by Bob Pozen, The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed

It is amazing how little many of us really know about our mutual funds.

We may have a handle on the investments they hold — large-cap stocks or bonds or whatever — and some understanding of how they work: our money is pooled with a lot of other people’s, and we share the gains and losses proportionately. Continue reading

Respected Finance Veteran Proposes Professional Boards

By Amanda Gerut February 14, 2011

In the wake of the financial crisis, the work of corporate directors has come under intense scrutiny, with some critics calling for change.

A recent Harvard Business School article proffered one of the more radical visions: a new corporate director archetype in which typical directors are paid twice as much, spend double the amount of time they currently do on board matters and are seasoned experts in the main line of business of the company they oversee. Continue reading